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Straight from New York City comes the sleek and sexy characters from the world of Marcus Peblo, urbanized by artist Eric Black and immortalized by your name.


MarcusID, NYC Graffiti Transformed...

I was born and raised in NYC. I witnesses an era that had an edginess that you couldn’t find anywhere else on this planet. The 80’s…a time when style and swag ruled and the city was a canvas for urban culture. B-boying (break-dancing) and graffiti overwhelmed the city. The buildings and subways became art for daring new artists that put up masterpieces under the cloak of night fall. The city was alive, and although it was living and breathing, if was on the verge of collapse. I truly believe that the spirit of the artists is what kept this city a float. When they “cleaned up the city” we truly lost something. Getting it back although hard is not impossible. We all love the safe new town, we just miss some of the grit that gave it that feeling.

MarcusIDs are a byproduct of that NYC experience. It’s a manifestation influenced strongly by graffiti art. The words, statements, and crews, surrounded by cocky, and bold characters. The characters made a state. Big name brand sneakers and fat gold chains were the norm. Some might debate if is MarcusID true graffiti art? Well if you’re from the era, you know the criteria! I’ll break it down for you.

Today everyone follows, there are very few leaders. MarcusIDs are original, I didn’t bite someone’s style. I came up with my own! I even rock the letters different. Bold and simple, bear bones but with selected highlights. Don’t front…nothing looks like this!
Your work is supposed to turn heads. There is nothing as bold as a MarcusID. Each design has bold shapes and characters filled with sharp contrast. These guys look like their practically jumping of the page. The computer doesn’t do MarcusID’s justice. You need to experience MID’s in your hands!
Nobody has the style, and if you think so look again. I took the basic of form, pushed then through a creative blender and came up with something that looks like a psychedelic trip without the drugs.
There is no question that MarcusIDs are real. Check the resume...
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