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Nothing happens by mistake! You found this page because you were looking for something bold and different. Whether it be a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you want more than the average personalized gift…you want something amazing. Something that will jump off your wall or desk. Something that will astound and amaze! I’ve been there and one day it hit me…MarcusID was born. Never before has anyone tackled name art this strongly and creatively. Now it's time to…

...make your name come to life!
Space graffiti personalized name art
11" x 14" Personalized Name Print
w/ FREE 4"x6" Name Badge & Holder*
Only $29.95
Free Shipping & Handling

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What are MarcusID's
MarcusID is the name of the Premiere Personalized Name Art Service created by Eric Black that is inspired by the dream-like world of Marcus Peblo! MarcusID's are an explosive collage of reality viewed through imagination’s kaleidoscope. Every name tells a story and each comes to life with Marcus Peblo’s magical touch. Create the world that you name lives in and visit often.
Marcus Peblo is the hero of heroes, the ultimate avenger in the quest for righteousness and truth. Marcus wages battle against his enemies with courage, imagination, and valor. Peblo’s determination is matched only by his curiosity. Staring courageously into the shadows he uses his creative instincts to guide him. Reshaping the reality around him with every step he takes, his goal is make the universe a brighter place through art.
In The world of Marcus Peblo anything can happen and the impossible is normal. Strange creatures fall from the heavens, animals grow on trees, and every thought becomes real. In his travels Marcus has met countless inhabitants of the multi-verse and stays in contact via facebook and twitter. Meet some of Peblo’s closest friends and invite them to celebrate your name.
When Marcus Peblo isn’t fighting the forces of evil he searches his map collection for lost treasures. He collects rare and unique artifacts from the most obscure places imaginable. Stored in his castle, he calls upon then whenever he needs to and so can you. Electric wave machines, flying gizmos, and shooting stars are his favorites. Spice up your MarcusIDs with some extra flare.
Don't wait, create!
Get started crafting and personalizing your name today. Your supporting cast is waiting! You'll never see a unique bunch of personalities anywhere else. These guys have spunk. Now pick your favs before your name gets mad!

Fancy Frogs& Fish!

Strange Amphibians and Soaring Space Fish!

Celebrate your name with creatures that love to be near the water. Bouncing frogs and flying fish are the norm. If your lucky you might ever see a mermaid or two!

Kool Kitty Kats!

Robotic Kittens and Teenage Cats Chillin'!

Nothing is cooler than these futuristic cats relaxing in a modern world. Get hip and shower your name in the awesomeness only Kats could bring.

Leaping Lizards!

Lizards and Baby Dinosaurs!

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness. These twisted lizards and baby dino’s are about to jump off the page. Dinosaurs have never looked this good.

Ultimate Aliens!

Invaders from space, rocket propellers, tentacles and all!

Let your name get beamed up with these Martian invaders. Experience a close encounter of the Name Kind. Take me to your leader.

Rowdy Robots!

Robotic explorers on a creative expedition!

These rock ‘em sock ‘em robots sure do pack a bunch. Add some oil, gears, and good old fashioned robotics to give your name some sparks.

Flowers& Hearts!

Love and caring!

Let these guys hug your name. Watch your ID sprout flowers and love. Sometimes the simplest things are the most valuable.

Ultra Umbrella!

Magical Umbrellas and Mother Nature!

Smiling suns and grinning clouds are the norm here. Take control of the weather and make your name an abstract rainbow.

Daring Doggies & Power Puppies!

Mans best friend transformed!

These powerful pooches play and protect while wagging tails and floppy ears make your name come to life. Make no bones about it your name will have the perfect pet.

Diamond Rings & Money Things!

Success Is In The Air!

It’s time to get serious. Surround your name with symbols of wealth and prosperity. Always follow the money!



Unidentified Flying Objects and Satellites!

Move over S.E.T.I. Make contact.

Love Hearts & Kisses!

Sweet Kisses!

There could never be enough love. Add some!

Floating Fish & Sea Things!

Atlantis Reborn Underwater Playground!

You name in a bubble bath. Pretty cool stuff.

Electric Waves!

Shocking Stuff!

Let some plasma waves and thunder bolts light up your name.

Flying Machines!

Jets, Rockets and other Flying phenomenon!

The Wright brothers would be proud. Make your name soar with these props.

Video Game Dream!


Picture your name living in a video game. Secrets and fun await you.

City Skylines!

A Vast Metropolis Unleashed On Paper!

Imagine you name on a popular city skyline.

Star & Comets!

Make a wish!

Everyone is a super star. Dreams do come true.

Boats & Bugs!

Rubber duckies, crawling critters and boats!

Things we love but are afraid to admit.

As you can see...

...MarcusID designs are like no other product on the market! Unlike the competition, each design is unique, no two with ever be the same. Everyone has a name and your name deservers the best! MarcusID's blow the competition out off the water.

Photo Name Art
Full Color Designs
Individual Design Requests
Original Characters
One of a kind composition
Any language Alphabet Can Be Used
Truly Unique
Made by award winning artist
Best price
100% Lifetime guarantee
Solution Graphics
11" x 14" Personalized Name Print
w/ FREE 4"x6" Name Badge & Holder*
Only $29.95
Free Shipping & Handling

Pick The Color Of Your Text!
Pick Your Characters!
Pick Your Extras!
Pick Your Main Background Colors!
Name/Text & Other Instructions
Marcus ID Name Art

Order yours today, and if you’re not blown away and completely satisfied with your MarcusID, you’ll receive a full refund! All MarcusIDs have a lifetime guarantee.


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